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Mebel Factor - Sitting Comfortably

     Mebeli B&B Ltd. is a manufacturing company with an active position on the European market. The company is using the trade mark Mebel Factor ®, created in 1998. Initially, the company established an installation for electrostatic powder coating and worked in the service sector. Fallowing the pre-development objectives a production of tubular furniture was organized at the beginning of 1999.

    According to the dynamic development of the market conditions in Bulgaria, the company develops and manufactures nomenclature of chairs and tables for different purposes. The firm follows to the current norms and standards in the furniture industry in particular standards for furnishing of schools, kindergartens and other public institutions. All products have a contemporary and modern outlook as well as functionality. The company can be distinguished by professionalism, innovation, teamwork, respect for the customer, quality products and reasonable prices.

    Highly qualified staff works in Mebeli B&B Ltd. In the process of the development of the company, we have created a system of in house training and adopting new technology. Through the years our team has become an effective structure of motivated workers, able to respond flexibly to any problem. Company staff, as well as the specialized, highly productive equipment are the guarantee for a flexible response to market changes and excellent co-operation with many partners. Currently the company has employed 20 people. Activities take place in our own base with total area of 3500m², of which 1500m² are manufacturing area.

       Design and production of:

  • furniture for schools and educational centers
  • furniture for kindergartens
  • tubular furniture for home and public areas
  • office furniture
  • shop furniture
  • manufacturing of metal constructions according to customer technical documentation
  • manufacturing of metal components for furniture industry partners
  • bending of metal tubes and profiles
  • electrostatic powder coating of metal parts
  • manufacture of wire products

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